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Bird Watching at Bear Mountain Lodge

 Seasonal Resident: Rufous Hummingbird

Seasonal Resident: Rufous Hummingbird

Birds are a real draw to the Gila National Forest and Silver City area. The natural habitat on the Lodge grounds is home to many resident and migrant bird species. Walk the grounds or sit by the pond with binoculars and see many of them all through the year.

To name a few, we have :

  • Four species of Jay: Mexican, Stellar's, Scrub, and Pinon
  • Swainson's, Black, and Zone-tailed Hawks, and Golden Eagle possible
  • Numerous songbirds - warblers, vireos, local and migratory
  • Woodpeckers including Lewis' Woodpecker
  • Hummingbirds that are resident and migrants from Mexico
  • Many many others

The Silver City area has many types of habitat - plant life and elevation - supporting the wide range of bird and animal life you will find here. [ Southwest New Mexico Audubon Society ]

→ Schedule a Birding excursion with expert bird guide, Jarrod Swackhamer - 480-939-4100

→ Schedule a Birding excursion with Wildlife Biologist, Megan Ruehmannmegan.ruehmann@gmail.com